Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 4 - Hazzardous Drop

The most risky section of the walking trail on Day 4 was this sheer drop over a slippery rock. If one slipped, one would fall about 80m onto jaggered rock and sea.
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  1. Now here is a story to tell. BTW I am afraid of heights (guess not so much now after the otter)!
    I was the third person on the trail. Ameeth and Ashley are like mountain goats. They just jumped across (we had some Olympic long jumpers with). I come to a dead standstill and say "Absoluely NO way". Ashley says "give me your hand and i will pull you" (forgetting my 16kg), his hand does not even reach me. I say "no way Ash both you and I will be lying on those jaggered rock below, splatted!" Then Rishee jumps across and hands me a stick not even 30cm long telling me "just hold the stick and I will pull you, just trust me!" Yeah right?! But this was the only way across. I just closed my eyes and leap into the air and I was safe on the other side. Simply unbelievable. For me this was the scariest moment of the entire trail!
    You can see for the picture how unsteady I was.